E.A.R.L Profiles

Cliff Le Blanc

Cliff Le Blanc is Vice-President of the E.A.R.L. Foundation and responsible for much of our non-profit operations. A Wyoming native, Cliff spent much of his life in Park County as well as a stint in the mountains of Lincoln County near Alpine. Cliff holds a degree in marketing from Montana State University in Bozeman. 

Cliff has spent a significant amount of time in wilderness, riding mules as a primary mode of transportation. He has explored many mountain passes from the Grey’s River drainage, the Tetons, and the North and South Absorka Wilderness. He is also very familiar with backcountry areas in the Washakie Wilderness.

When Cliff is away from the wilderness he is likely identifying ways in which to bring the backcountry to others. He works tirelessly on creating multi-media campaigns promoting mountain issues and encouraging others to get involved. If you would like to contact Cliff, you can reach him at cliff.leblanc@earlfoundation.org.

Tim Metzler

Tim Metzler is a Director at the E.A.R.L. Foundation and has a rich backcountry history. If you’ve ever had the unique opportunity of taking a ride up to the mountains of Northwest Wyoming with Tim Metzler, then you know that much of that time will be spent looking for wildlife. This means just stopping along the road, Tim getting out his powerful binoculars or spotting scope, and patiently looking for a glimpse of any kind of wildlife. Tim is a true mountain man and has had a love for animals and the outdoors his entire life. He is remarkable at knowing where wildlife is located at most anytime of the year. His love for the Wyoming wildlife and its maintenance is apparent in everything he does. Tim was born in Powell, Wyoming, and has lived in Powell his entire life. He took his first pack trip with his dad when he was around nine or ten years old. Since then spending time exploring in the backcountry has just become a way of life for him.

Tim has been an active advocate and volunteers with many organizations to help with the protection and maintenance of wildlife in Wyoming, including the Cody Elk Working Group, the Wyoming Sportsman for Fish and Wildlife, and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. He also worked very closely with Dr. Arthur Middleton (Dr. Middleton recently received a Ph.D. in ecology at the University of Wyoming, studying wolf-elk interactions in the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem, and is now a fellow at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies) studying the introduction of wolves into Yellowstone and the impact it has had on the wildlife in Northwest Wyoming.

For two weeks in 1988 during the Yellowstone Park fires, Tim and several other local men volunteered their expertise, pack animals, and time to take food and supplies to the firefighters “the hotshot crews” - most times riding day and night without a break.

From 2000 to 2005, Tim and a partner operated a hunting camp by the Greybull River. During this time Tim guided local hunters as well as hunters from across the United States in harvesting elk, deer, and sheep. Tim also spent two years working in the Crandall area on a building project for Le Blanc Construction. After work he would cut wood, fish, and watch wildlife in the hour of daylight that was left after work ended for the day.

During the winter months, you can find Tim on the mountain near Pilot and Index Peaks getting ready for a fun winter ride on his snowmobile. He loves to ride in Daisy Pass and the Beartooth Mountain areas with friends and is known on the hill as “Big Chief”. He is an advocate on snowmobile safety and a few years ago rescued a friend who had been buried in the snow. He is always looking out for and helping others on the hill.

Tim is definitely the epitome of everything that Wyoming is and has to offer. He is passionate about the mountains and has spent his entire life taking every opportunity to spend time there enjoying all that they have to offer. When Tim is not in the mountains, he runs Metzler Construction with his two boys.