What is E.A.R.L.? ECO-ACTIVE The E.A.R.L. Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to wilderness conservation and preserving the cultural heritage of mountain living. We actively pursue Wyoming's remote, forested areas in an endless search for that perfect trail ride, the largest elk and the most alluring mountain sunset. E.A.R.L. accepts the formidable challenge of traversing the high country and providing a virtual outlet so everyone can enjoy a taste of mountain adventure.

   E.A.R.L. focuses on pursuing backcountry recreational activities in the Wyoming wilderness. We believe too many people are constrained by suburban life. Real freedom is within everyone's reach, the kind achieved at altitudes over 10,000 feet. Our team of dedicated individuals encourages people to climb into mountainous terrain, breathe the fresh, clean air and create memories that last a lifetime.

   So what does it mean to be eco-active in the backcountry? While simply being in the mountains is one definition, E.A.R.L. promotes a lifestyle definition that everyone should aspire. It is a lifestyle of respect in terms of terrain and animals. A lifestyle of continuous learning and exploration. Being eco-active is developing your physical and mental abilities so you can respond to events in the backcountry as well as becoming involved in issues related to the wilderness.