Resource & Leadership


   Everyone recognizes the advantages of preserving mountainous backcountry and its inhabitants. Many organizations superficially attempt to expand or redefine existing environmental programs. Their efforts try to meet an evolving challenge of protecting backcountry resources. Unfortunately some of these organizations also include a biased, political slant pitting one species against another.

   E.A.R.L. follows a balanced approach to natural resources. In the spirit of conservation we recognize the importance of wildlife management activities. We sponsor projects such as big game population counts through migration corridors and accurately measuring mortality rates of calf elk. These sorts of activities are pursued in order to properly realize the recreational or other wilderness purpose of backcountry areas.

   Resource also has a more materialistic meaning. E.A.R.L. strives to be an organization you can rely on for relevant backcountry information. If you are looking for suggested items to bring on an extended trip in the wilderness or educational materials on issues related to the mountains, you may find what you need at E.A.R.L.

   In essence, we bring supporters a set of evolving tools necessary to live life eco-actively. It is our goal to bring a situational analysis experience to you through multi-media presentations including print, video, live presentations and music.


We believe leadership in the backcountry begins with knowledge. Our knowledge base of wilderness issues is broad, yet we also recognize there are other valid sources of information. By promoting our research and other thoroughly investigated material E.A.R.L. is able to provide you with valuable data, allowing you to enter mountainous terrain with confidence.

The E.A.R.L. Foundation has a clear vision of our objective to expand and redefine an evolving challenge of protecting the nation’s backcountry resources. We are highly motivated and carry the momentum of our commitment to wilderness issues with us in every project undertaken. This allows us to develop multi-media presentations that clearly communicate our dedication to the preservation of an eco-active lifestyle.